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Okay, here's the deal. I am not a housewife. I hold a Ph.D., and I teach at the local college. But I do get up to my elbows in housewifery: cleaning, gardening, laundry, and, of course, cooking.

Another thing: I'm not really a vegan. I love all things dairy far, far too much for that. But at home it's all vegan cooking (with some rare exceptions). I don't eat meat at all. Unless you count seafood? Okay, I do sometimes eat seafood. If it didn't taste so good, I wouldn't.

What else? Oh, hmm. Yeah. I'm not Indian. Let me explain. I have been happily married to my born and bred Indian husband for eleven years now. I have a lovely Indian mother in-law and sister in-law who have introduced me to Indian cooking. And, forgive the lack of modesty, I'm not bad. Not at all bad. Quite good, actually.

The VIH is a young blog, but I'll be adding to it all the time. The goal is for this to become the blog I wish I had ten years ago as a newlywed becoming acquainted with Indian cooking. It took me a little while to learn that cooking and eating Indian healthfully is more than possible: it's delightful!

Next week I plan to do a series of posts, "How to Roti." Check back and thanks!

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