Friday, 18 May 2012

Pickled Radishes

Do you grow radishes? I do. They make me feel like I have some talent in the garden. They are miraculous. You plant them one minute, and the next they're up and ready. All at once. Tough radishes are disgusting, so you really do need to pull and eat them all in a matter of days. I would end up with dozens of radishes and no place to put them. I mean, there are only so many radishes you can put in a salad.

But then I put my Indian housewife thinking cap on. See, before I was married, I thought pickling was only for cucumbers. Not so! Radishes make DELICIOUS pickles. This one is ridiculously easy. I pulse the radishes in the food processor first, but you can pickle them whole, too.

Get yourself a clean, dry canning jar (jars). I use the little ones so I can give 'em away as gifts.

Put the washed and dried radishes (diced or not) into the canning jar.

Boil some apple cider vinegar, and pour it over the radishes, leaving a little bit of room at the top of the jar.

Then, you can either follow good canning practices (you know, the whole boiling water, turn upsidedown, flip, make sure the jar goes "ping" thing), or store them in the fridge (which is what I do). The pickled radish pieces taste great and look colorful sprinkled over dal, or as a side with most Indian entres. I've even put them on my veggie burgers. Yum!

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